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A platform for curatorial and artistic collaboration.

Kaitlyn B. Jones

Owner & Chief Curator

Conduit Arts is a vessel for collaboration. Through curated exhibitions, site-specific performance and community engagement, I seek to disrupt traditional “white cube” gallery spaces through radical, revolutionary, and engaging art.


The curatorial projects, collaborations, and consulting projects I participate in are not limited to, but center Queer and/or BIPOC artists, writers and creators. Although some curated works may be exhibited within “white cube” spaces, the very existence of the artwork and its creator(s) is the disruption.


The name, “Conduit”, comes from my belief that art is a conduit for healing and a seedbed for activism. I use creative exploration as a vessel for joy, meditation, and grief. Lineage, ancestry and intergenerational storytelling serve as inspiration for my artistic and curatorial practices.


I’m excited to collaborate with artists, institutions, and organizations who share the same vision and goals for uplifting the limitless creativity birthed from historically marginalized communities.



Independent Curation

Visual Art

Site-Specific Performance

Interdisciplinary Art

Creative Consulting

Grant Application Review

(Arts Organizations/Non-Profits)


Exhibition Concept Development

Art(ist) Services

Grant Application Review (Independent Artists)

Exhibition Space Acquisition

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Based in

Houston, TX



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