This is not for you.


This is not for you is a stand alone sign that reads "Black People Only Past This Point". This sign, initially intended to protect the sacred space created for One day, you will diefirst appeared as part of A Time For Action, a six-night experimental inter-disciplinary micro-festival hosted by the Blaffer Art Museum (Houston, TX).

Following the two-hour installation, visitors were invited to participate in a group discussion. This discussion, facilitated by Angelique Geehan, Luana Da Silva, and Kat Chaffin, allowed space for Black visitors to voice their visceral reactions to non-Black people entering the gallery beyond the sign.

Non-Black visitors were asked to confront their inherent uncomfortability with being excluded from an area that was not intended for them. White visitors who surpassed the sign grappled with their socialized sense of entitlement and how their actions directly correlate to internalized and actualized white supremacy and colonialism.

(Photos by London Vallery.)