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Art People Podcast: Moved by Mothers’ Love with Kaitlyn Jones and Sharon Watkins-Jones
January 7, 2024

"During Kaitlyn Jones’s June 2022 Rogers Art Loft Residency, she and Erika Abad discussed the role of rest and grief on the way to liberation. Kaitlyn’s mom, Sharon, was at the closing exhibit; they take time to discuss the role of family in Jones’s work and Sharon’s insights into encouraging her daughter’s creative practice." LISTEN HERE

Arts News: 2023 Art in the Loop project ‘Celebrate’ features Kansas City Art along the KC Streetcar Route
October 30, 2023

"Jones’ piece “How to Build an Altar for the Living,” located at the Library Southbound Streetcar Stop, is inspired by a conversation she had with her 101-year-old great-grandmother. Growing up in Texas, her great-grandmother recalled making chewing gum from the bark of a wax tree. Jones’ work creates a visual celebration of Black legacy and lineage and seeks to “honor ourselves while we are still here and still alive, despite all of the horrors around us." READ MORE

Upcoming Exhibition Black Being is a Testament to Black Existence, Opening November 10
October 10, 2023

"Curated by Kaitlyn B. Jones, Black Being ignites conversations about the dangers of Black exceptionalism and cautions against the phrase “Black Excellence” as an ideal that disregards the inherent value of Black life. The selected works of fifteen Black artists illustrate Blackness without direct references to anti-Black histories or resilience as a descriptive Black character trait. Rather, Black Being purposely excludes struggle and oppression as a glorified subject in Black-created artworks in favor of an exhibition where Black people can just be." READ MORE

UH Arts Leadership Alum Finds Inspiration at the Intersection of Curation and Performance
September 14, 2023

"Jones completed her master’s in the spring of 2022. During her studies, she focused her practicum on curation. Working with the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, Jones found a passion for curating performance pieces in museums, environments not traditionally thought of as conducive to performance." READ MORE

"How to Build an Altar for the Living" Interview with Kaitlyn B. Jones
August 25, 2023

"Kaitlyn B. Jones’ artwork is displayed at the Library Southbound Streetcar Stop. It shows one frame from her short film ‘How to Build an Altar for the Living’. We interviewed Kaitlyn to talk more about the original short film that formed the basis for the Streetcar Stop Art. We recommend you watch the film before reading this interview." READ MORE

ArtMoves Podcast 10 featuring Artist and Curator Kaitlyn B. Jones
June 4, 2023

"New to town, Kaitlyn B. Jones brings with her a vitality and purpose that are energizing just to listen to!  Hear about her trajectory as a collaborative artist and curator.  Some of her clever work will open our eyes, and minds." LISTEN HERE

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