Dope Fit!


Dope Fit! is conjugated from the accidental discovery of 95 Black bodies at a construction site in Sugarland, Texas. After excavation, these bodies were said to be the bodies of freed slaves, forced to work on sugar plantations after emancipation.
In collaboration with tap dance extraordinaire Michael J. Love and an ensemble of Black artists and thinkers, Dope Fit! utilizes dance, rhythm, music, text and voice to create our own metaphysical Black utopia. Through the mixing of rhythm tap, contemporary choreography, vernacular sounds and shapes, we seek to reclaim lost archives and visceralize freedom.

Dope Fit! premiered as part of the 2019 Cohen New Works Festival at the University of Texas at Austin. An extended version was presented at the Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center in Austin, Texas in September 2019.