Kaitlyn B. Jones is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, curator and activist from the unceded territory of the Karankawa,

Coahuiltecan, and Sana peoples (Cypress, TX).


She believes that art is a conduit for healing, a seedbed for activism, and necessary fuel for the revolution against white supremacy. Her work facilitates conversations about intersectionality, social justice, and the complex Black-American experience. Through a multi-media artistic lens, Jones explores themes of Black legacy, lineage and autonomy as it relates to the conscious and unconscious value placed on the histories and multifacetedness of the Black Diaspora.


Jones holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts in Arts Leadership with a certificate in Museum and Gallery Management from the University of Houston.


As a dancer, she worked with many renowned choreographers including Ananya ChatterjeaCharles O. AndersonErica GionfriddoAndrea BeckhamJennifer FreemanGesel Mason, and Rennie Harris.​

In 2020, Jones expanded her artistic practice to include multimedia and performance art. Her newfound practices led her to create This is not for you (2021) and One day, you will die (2021), two interactive installations curated by Aisha Tida Abbassi for A Time For Action, an interdisciplinary micro-festival hosted by the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston, Texas.​

Jones' dual passions for art and social justice fuel her advocacy for a world where accessibility is at the forefront of the arts sector. She actively engages in anti-racist practices and methodologies to create, curate and support artwork that is accessible to all communities regardless of race, age, gender, sexuality, ability or socio-economic status.




Black Woman, Unbothered

Las Vegas, NV | Rogers Art Gallery


One day, you will die.

Houston, Tx | Blaffer Art Museum


This is not for you.

Houston, Tx | Blaffer Art Museum


shift(ing), soften(ing)

Houston, Tx | Menil Collection (as part of the Aurora Picture Show)


It’s Not That Serious

Collaboration with Claire Wood, Jesse Quesada, Mario Ramirez, Victoria Murillo & Andie Duong

(Canceled due to COVID-19)

Austin, Tx | Austin Dance Festival Pop-Up Performance


Dope Fit!

Collaboration with Michael J. Love

Austin, Tx | Cohen New Works Festival

June 2022

Roger's Art Loft

Las Vegas, Nevada




Member, Blacklight Summit Planning Committee

Facilitated by Tarik D O'Meally on behalf of Dance Place (D.C.) and The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center


Host, Thoughts That Move, Season 3, "Triple Threat: Black, Female and Creative"

Early Era Collective - Youtube

Video podcast streamed live from Houston, Texas


Panelist, UT Austin Fine Arts Alumnae Virtual Panel

University of Texas at Austin, College of Fine Arts

Streamed live from Houston, Tx


Panelist, Thoughts That Move, Season 2

Early Era Collective - Instagram Live

Streamed live from Houston, Tx